Monday, September 19, 2016

The Wand: How To Drink Wine And Not Get A Headache

I love to support local brands, plus I never turn down an invite when there's good wine involved, so I recently braved a monsoon to head over to The Ranch in Las Colinas for the debut of an interesting new product called The Wand™ by Pure Wine. It looks like a small tea bag attached to a plastic handle and when you submerge it into your glass of wine (3-4 minutes prior to drinking), it absorbs the histamines and sulfite preservatives just before you drink it. According to their website, this process helps alleviate the unfavorable reactions many wine lovers suffer from, like headaches, congestion and skin rashes. The filtration also rapidly aerates your wine, maximizing its full flavor potential. I think a box or handful of Wands paired with a great bottle of wine would make a great holiday or hostess gift! Who wouldn't love a product that allows you to drink more wine and feel good the next day!? Keep reading for a discount code! Locally The Wand™ is available at The Ranch in Las Colinas, Asian Mint, Cafe Herrera, Times Ten Cellars, VH Oak Cliff, Eight 11 Place, Goody Goody Liquor (coming soon) and Zen Luxury Nail and Beauty Bar to name a few.

Use the code OSC15 and SAVE 15% OFF your online purchase or at Dallas Fine Wine & Spirits located at 3518 Oak Lawn Ave. Dallas, TX 75219 through October 19, 2016!