Thursday, October 6, 2016

Lifetime To Launch Little Women: Dallas in November

Pictured: Little Women: Atlanta cast. Emily Fernandez and Brianna Lyn (pictured far right) will relocate to Texas star in Little Women: Dallas airing 2017

Little Women has been a smash hit for Lifetime. If you've never seen the show, it's basically Real Housewives - but with little people. Each franchise centers around a group of Little Women and their struggles to find love, maintain friendships and chronicles their daily life. The show originated in Los Angels, then spun off to New York, Atlanta and now... look for a Dallas series to air in November 2016! On Sept. 23, ET broke the news that Little Women: Atlanta cast members Emily Fernandez and Brianna Lyn will relocate from the Atlanta franchise to star in the Dallas series. That's not so crazy considering that the ladies are actually Texas natives who moved from Texas to Atlanta to be part of the Little Women: Atlanta cast last season. Filming began months ago with sightings at The Quarter Bar in Dallas and at Fossil Rim Lodge near Glen Rose. Yesterday, Lifetime released a video teaser for the new series featuring the cast dressed as saloon girls in the Old West. Some Texas stereotypes will never die... So, outside of Emily and Bri who are the other ladies? Do you recognize any of them?

Little Women: Dallas will be the fourth spinoff of the original show, Little Women: LA, after the Atlanta show, Little Women: Terra's Little Family, and Little Women: NY. Have you spotted them filming around town? Let me know! Send me pics! Message me scoop!