Sunday, January 15, 2017

Getting Irreverent in Jane McGarry's Stunning New Home

Jane McGarry has graced television screens in North Texas for 20+ years first as the nightly news anchor for NBC and now as co-host of the popular morning show Good Morning Texas on ABC. Her social media followers are privy to her savvy sense of style and amazing shoe collection, but what you might not know is that Jane is an amateur interior decorator who has a keen sense of color and  love of art. Together with her long-time decorator, Ken Blasingame, she has just put the finishing touches on her new Dallas home. "McGarry’s just-the-way-she-wants-it condo is not unlike her on-screen personality—exuberant, accessible, and fearless about bending the rules now and then," says D Home magazine in a new inside peek.

The day before the D Home shoot, Jane invited a few of her girlfriends over for a house-warming party. "It will never look this good again." exclaimed Jane, fluffing one of the many fresh floral arrangements she had purchased for the photo shoot. Her GMT co-host, Alanna Sarabia, and myself snuck away during the evening to get a closer look at that legendary shoe collection. Remember the "Urban Shoe Myth" episode of Sex In The City when Carrie finds patent leather Mary Jane Manolo Blahniks inside the closet at Vogue Magazine... Jane's house was so perfect and so pristine. It was so... grown up. I looked around and the 5-year old in me came out. "Let's jump on the bed," I said to Alanna. Her eyes got wide and a grin came over her face. I can be a bad influence. Swaddled in Jane's fur coats, we headed stealthily for Jane's massive king-size bed. It was one of those spontaneous moments that just happens sometimes - and photographer Thomas Garza just happened to be there to capture it. Okay, maybe Thomas' presence fueled my idea. Just saying. "What's all the noise back here?" Jane said quizzically and then as she rounded the corner into her bedroom and saw us, she died laughing. "Bitches." she said. She was just mad she didn't think of it first. Pick up a copy of D Home today or view the article online.