Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Rapid Fire Q&A With City Council Candidate Candy Evans

There is one thing that every good politician or celebrity has: charisma. A.K.A. the "it" factor. It's an energy that you are just drawn to, a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. I've known Candy Evans for years and people, let me just tell you that she has "it" in spades. So, when I heard she was running for City Council, District 11 I was not a bit surprised. I caught up with her to find out how her run for office was going, why she's running and what she thought her chances were of actually winning this thing on Saturday.

OSC: So Candy, you are really doing this? Running for Dallas City Council?
CE: YES and the election is this Saturday, May 6. I am so excited I could almost pop!

OSC: You run a hugely successful real estate blog (CandysDirt), are philanthropically active and manage a family. What on earth possessed you to run for City Council?
CE: I do have a lot going on in my life: a busy, growing blog, three precious grand babies and a husband, but I look at our city and it is a mess. It is in far worse shape than it was 4 years ago when my opponent first took office. Our district is in worse shape, too. I tried to find others who would step up but no one wanted to “get involved”. I do. I care about Dallas deeply, this city has been very good to me and my family. It is a community of very great, loving, giving people who are being duped by a handful using taxpayer dollars for their own gain and enrichment. Taxes belong to the taxpayers, it is our money, and our representatives have not been guarding it very well. I just had to step up and speak up.

OSC: Has it been difficult getting here?
CE: Oh my God, campaigning is like producing a news show when the Pope died. It is 24/7 hectic, chaotic, full of deadlines and have-to-be’s and constantly changing.

OSC: What are some of the first few things you did?
CE: Got a PO Box, a tax ID number and a bank account. At first I was a little shy to ask for money. (insert me giving her a skeptical face 😏 ) Really... I was! Then I realized I was not asking for myself, but for the betterment of our entire city. There is so much work to do! Next was a campaign logo and tee shirts. It’s just like starting a new business. Which of course I have done, several times.

OSC: And you’ve received a lot of endorsements, right?
CE: Yes, the biggest being Dallas Police and Fire. That was huge for me. Everyone thinks I promised them a big raise, but of course I didn’t. That’s just like saying that my opponent, who got $2500 from the Apartment Association, is going to start tearing down homes for apartments. (Of course, he may…)

OSC: How does that work, these endorsements?
CE: They ask you to a forum, a big formal panel, and ask you questions on your policies. You precede this with a written questionnaire. Then they chose which candidate to endorse, and the letter plus check comes in the mail in a few days, anywhere from $1000 to $2500. $1000 is the most an individual can donate to a city campaign, $2500 is the most a PAC can donate.

OSC: And the money is used for…
CE: Oh my, the marketing: mailers, robo-calls, opinion polls, ads, tee shirts, stationary, all the stuff you need to get elected.

OSC: Did you hire a campaign consultant?
CE: I am running my own campaign, and saving a lot of money. I put my own signs together (thank God for gel nails) and write my own copy, then pull in an opinion from one of my advisors. Monty Bennett, Founder & Chairman of Ashford, Inc., Ashford Hospitality Trust, & Ashford Hospitality Prime is helping me a lot. I am approaching this just as I do everything I buy: never shop retail.

OSC: What has been the most disappointing thing?
CE: Not getting endorsed by MetroTex. They didn’t even call to tell me they endorsed my opponent, but I received my “dues are due” robo call. The truth is most PACs have a policy of endorsing incumbents, which I think is a big part of our nation’s problems. That self-perpetuates agendas. I want to work to see PACs be forced to not endorse an incumbent for more than 2 out of 3 years, force them to look at young blood. My opponent is loaded with PAC money and it was given for agendas. People really need to understand this.

OSC: What has been the best thing?
CE: Oh the people! Going door to door is actually a great way to report, and see houses, and I feel I re-connected with District 11 from the lowest boundary near our home up to Arapaho and Preston Trails. Beautiful area – gorgeous homes. Cynthia, you need to move up here soon! Like by Saturday, May 6, election day!

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