Thursday, July 20, 2017

Rebel Role Model Podcast with Cynthia Smoot

Nancy Coblenz or Rebel Role Model with OSC's
Cynthia Smoot (May 22, 2017)
Rebel Role Model is a new podcast featuring interviews of everyday disruptors changing the game in their respective industries. Creator Nancy Coblenz says, "Each episode details hard-earned successes while disseminating real-life practical advice in industries like, startups, professional sports, law, finance, politics, education, art, music, fashion, social media, and many many more. You’ll find that each person came to their success in very different ways, there is no manual to truly being a Rebel Role Model."

I loved visiting with her about how I fell into marketing out of college, left the security of my corporate job to pursue digital media in the beginning days of social media (which I refer to as a modern day "Gold Rush") and found my way to Public Relations.  Along the way, I started this blog as a hobby and have watched it explode into a full-time job, except... wait... I already have a full-time job! Learn more about how I stay sane balancing Motherhood and marriage with running a business, being a #GirlBoss and the "OG Blogger" of Dallas.

Download the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Libsyn, or listen online. The first part of the podcast we talk primarily about how I started my career and my work in marketing, PR and social media. Around the 29 minute mark, we transition to why I started blogging and what I think it takes to make it as a blogger today. Feel free to fast forward or skip around!