Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Best Holiday Gifts for 2019

Dallas Hotel Magazine is the definitive guide for discerning visitors to Big D. For the Fall issue, I was asked to curate a selection of goodies that kids of all ages might like to find in their stockings.

In my opener, I state: “One of my fondest holiday memories is of my little brother and I laying on the floor of our playroom, pouring over the holiday catalogs from department stores like Sears and JCPenney that would arrive with a massive THUMP on our front porch. I'm sure delivering these huge books was the worst day of the year for the postmen because they had to weigh 5 lbs. apiece.

We would spend hours flipping through each catalog, turning down the corners of our favorite pages and circling everything that we wanted Santa to bring us: Dallas Cowboys pajamas with feet, a tent for the backyard that we planned to convert into a playhouse, board games, roller skates that looked like sneakers, a new tennis racquet, and the latest Hi-Fi stereo to play my records on. Fast forward 40 years, and I am still picking out the majority of my gifts from the comfort of my home, but I do so by swiping through the various apps on my phone. Ah, technology. Ain’t it grand!

I still get a thrill discovering new and unique gifts for my loved ones (and myself!) and in the pages to follow I’ve tried to curate a selection of gifts that will have you reaching for your phone to press “Buy Now”. May your holiday shopping be fruitful, and you find lots of Free Shipping on your journey. Happy Holidays!!” Click HERE to view this year's Gift Guide!