Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Night Float

Tonight, we went over to Cenote and Venus' for a "Float". This is what they call hanging out in their backyard and we drink and the kids swim.

Me and my girl, Venus, can be seen here sipping on some champagne. I just love Venus because she only ever drinks champagne - so decadent. Have you ever seen someone look so good hanging out by the pool? And I'm not talking about me. She is divine. A Sweet Potato Queen if I ever met one. Champagne and pizza. That's what we had. Yummy.

The boys watched the Stars get their asses kicked - snooooooooze. I hate hockey. So, we ladies enjoyed the evening air and watched the kids play water games in the pool. Another family popped in with their 3 boys and joined the pizza party. I like it when there's a gaggle of kids.

The boys played a game called Sharks and Minnows. Which was like tag, only the person who was "It" was the shark and you had to "tag" or kill your opponents. The video clip below is them throwing each other
off the rafts. Endless fun. And before you knew it, it was 8:15 and we were all scrambling out the door to get home and get the kids in bed. Another busy day