Monday, May 19, 2008

Radiohead and an Unlikely D-List Celebrity Encounter

Randy's favorite band in the whole world, Radiohead, played Dallas last night at Center (formerly known as Starplex or Smirnoff Center). It was a sold-out show of 21,000. We were lucky enough to have "pit" tickets.

The good news was that we were 10 people deep from the stage and could see the sweat roll off their brows. The bad news is that we had to stand the whole two hours. Radiohead is a fantastic band to see live and we really enjoyed the show.

So, you're asking, "What about the random celebrity sighting?!" Okay, so Randy and I are walking into the seating area and this woman walks past us going the other direction. Randy and I look at each other like, "Is that who we think it is?".

10 minutes later, Laurie Hickson-Smith from TLC's Trading Spaces walks back in and sits in the first row, 5 feet from me.

She is every bit as cute in person as on TV. Georgous red curly hair and she is itty-bitty petite. She's from Houston and said she was here visiting friends.

Of course, I had to get my picture taken with her because I'm a fan of the show - and she is one of my favorite designers. Her and Geniveve. If I got Hilde or Frank for my house - I would have a nervous breakdown. My friend, Todd, took a photo of the two of us (with his phone so it's grainy) I've attached a better photo of Laurie from her latest book.

Here's Little Man rocking out to Radiohead in the car.

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