Sunday, May 18, 2008

My New Friend, Fattie.

I love this time of year. When all you want to do is be outside. Everything is so green and starting to flower. Heaven.

My good friend, Sue, and her family came over for dinner last night. Sue and I go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back. We were sorority sisters at UNT together (Go Delta Zeta!) and still keep in touch, even though she lives at the far-corners of the earth (Colleyville). Sue and Craig have two boys: Nicolas (6) and Cole (4). Little Man was in heaven that he was the oldest and therefore the boss. Randy smoked some chicken (which was divine) and potatoes. And he made these things called "Fatties".

Now, a Fattie is not for the faint of cholesterol heart. Here's how you make it (Cliff Notes version): You take a Jimmy Dean's breakfast Sausage roll and slice it open lengthwise. Inside, you add a mixture of minced onions, Colby Jack cheese and jalapeƱos. Add a slice of bacon and close it back up. Then on the outside you put a "rub" of some sort and a brown mustard. Put in in the smoker and a little while later - you have about the best darn tastin' thing ever. I heated some up this morning and mixed it with scrambled eggs and it was quite tasty in a breakfast taco. I'm sure I can find many ways to eat the Fattie - my new friend.

We're off to Little Man's Flag-Football game. Here's a little action for you to see our superstar in the making...

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