Sunday, July 13, 2008

All that HGTV pays off...

My favorite TV channel is HGTV. I could watch it for HOURS. Design on a Dime, Myles of Style, Landscapers Challenge, House Hunters, etc. I just get so many great ideas and so much enjoy watching people make something beautiful out of practically nothing. Several months ago, on one of these home makeover shows, I saw them renovate a family room and in it they used a coffee table with a top that lifted up and over - like a big TV tray. "THAT is what we need for our family/TV room!" I said to myself. I've been looking for one ever since.

I decided to do a Google search last week and found one online that I thought would be perfect for our house - except that it was unfinished. I thought, "I have watched 1,000,000 hours of do-it-yourself renovation/makeover TV shows and it just can't be that hard." So, with Randy nervously chewing his nails in anticipation of a major disaster... I ordered the table. A few days later it arrived and Little Man and I eagerly set about sanding and staining it. I am so damn proud to show you the finished result... Da da da dah! I just love love love it!!!