Sunday, July 13, 2008

Calling All Cancers!

We have a lot of July birthdays on my side of the family. Randy is July 2. Little Man is July 18. My sister, Jennie, is July 19 and my nephew, Hunter, is July 10. So, every year we have a family get-together and have one big celebration. Since my sis is a professional party planner, we always leave it up to her to plan the soiree. This year, we had a luau theme with sack races, limbo contest, swimming and a big BBQ (of course). My brother-in-law is a master griller, so we always have a smoked/BBQ'd feast when we go over to their house! Lucky me!

Instead of birthday cake, Jennie had a chocolate fountain. Little Man's eyes got as big as saucers when we walked in and he saw that. HEAVEN! The kids were practically swimming in that thing in that thing all day.

The Liebers gave Little Man an awesome new bike for his birthday

Jennie set up a limbo contest for the boys. Hunter was the clear winner.

Jennie and Michael in the sack.