Thursday, October 30, 2008

Boy Battle Scars

There is just never a dull moment at my house.

Case in point: I am at work. 10:45 am: The school nurse calls and says, "Your son bumped heads with another boy in PE and he's got a pretty bad gash. You might want to come up here."

When I get to the school to pick him up. I see a huge open wound - on his face! Oh yeah, we are heading for the Emergency Room.

He had to get 5 shots all around the gash to numb it. Then they gave him 4 stitches. I'm not sure what was worse, the shots or the stitches. But he was quite the trooper. Never cried. He even went back to school afterwards. Had to show off his battle scars.

He says that it's okay, because he's going to be a Star Wars Clone Trooper for Halloween and he has a helmet - so you won't see it. Yep, never a dull moment.

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