Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa's light up the Dallas Morning News

Last December, I was looking at the Dallas Morning News and read a feature about a woman who collected Sock Monkeys. Had a whole Christmas tree of Sock Monkeys. Sock Monkeys? Really??

So I e-mailed the writer of the story and said, "If you liked those Sock Monkeys... you are going to love my vintage light-up Santa collection!". I e-mailed her a few pictures... And they did. They sent a photographer over last JANUARY to shoot pictures of me (which is why my hair is still long in their pics) I had to leave my Xmas tree up until January 15 so they could schedule the shoot. Every time one of the neighborhood kids would come over, they'd ask Little Man, "Why do you still have your tree up?".

The called me about a week ago to do the interview. It had been so long, I had (almost) forgotten about it! They decided to send over another photographer to get Little Man in the piece. I tried to give a shout out to my friend, Molly B. who got me hooked on this whole Santa thing. They didn't use her name (I gave it) but she knows she's the mastermind behind my Santa obsession.

Here's the article from the Dallas Morning News,  December 13, 2008