Monday, December 15, 2008

My Night with a Phantom. Rolls Royce, that is.

Last Thursday I attended an intimate gathering of Dallas' who's who for the unveiling the 2009 Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe. The dealership was all decked out in holiday finery and they had a jazz quartet wafting holiday tunes throughout the place. Iron Chef contender Kent Rathbun from Abacus was there himself, serving up small dishes and treats.

They had two artists drawing caricatures of guests (shown above) and then they gave you your likeness in a black leather frame embossed with the Rolls Royce logo - fancy schmancy.

The car was, of course, amazing. With a brushed steel finished hood (easier to wipe off the bird poo) and doors that hinged opened from the right instead of the standard left. And, as you can see, the interior was gorgeous. The leather was like touching a marshmallow, unbelievably soft. I had one of the sales people actually ask me if I would like to come back for a test drive (like a was a real prospect - snort!). But, hey, I guess one never knows who a prospect might be, so God bless him for asking.

Asking price? $430,000. Santa? You listening?