Saturday, February 21, 2009

Neighborhood Services

Last night Little Man went to a birthday slumber party so you know what that means...


I say "free" because the $10 an hour I would normally pay a sitter, then gets applied towards my night's entertainment. So, maybe the evening isn't really "free" but it becomes a heck of a lot cheaper!

ET was going to the same party so the four of us decided to try out a new restaurant I've been hearing great things about called Neighborhood Services.

We started off with the Bar Menu and selected a couple of specialty cocktails. Venus and I went with the BEAUTY SCHOOL DROPOUT: St Germain Hanger One mandarin blossom vodka elderflower syrup/ crushed raspberry rose champagne. The boys went with a A LONG, HOT & DUSTY DAY: Basil Hayden’s straight & a Miller High Life pony back. Fancy Schmancy.

For dinner, I had the Pot Roasted Short Rib with toasted French gnocchi in a shiraz-rosemary jus. It was divine. You can see my dessert selection below. A kind of hot-fudge sundae in an eclair shell. Mmmmmmmmmmm. We had a lovely experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

After dinner, we came back to our house and I convinced Venus that the time had come to join Facebook. So, we set up her profile and "friend requested" some folks. She is off and running!

This morning, I awoke with a kickin' champagne hangover. Too much of a good thing, can be a bad thing. Ow.

Cynthia and Cenote sipping libations
I love to check out the bathrooms in upscale restaurants. The owner always tries to make a statement with the bathrooms. Ice in the sink. It's a nice visual touch...but how the heck am I supposed to use the sink? Am I supposed to plunge my hands in the ice to kill any germs I might have picked up? What is he trying to say?

Left: You know I had to try a dessert!
Right: Venus sipping her "Beauty School Dropout" cocktail. With a monkey hanging off the edge of the glass