Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Fashions: Winners and Losers

I am not a big movie watcher. For one thing, I'm too Type A to sit down and focus for two+ hours. I like to watch movies at home where I can get up and love around. Do laundry. Check e-mail. I have to be multi-tasking. And, when it comes to a date night scenario, I find it hard to justify spending $10 an hour for a baby sitter, only to go sit in a dark theater and not talk to people. If we are going out with friends, I'd much prefer a restaurant for dinner and drinks. Plus, my whole life just revolves around food. But I do LOVE to watch the Oscars. I could give a flyin' flip about which movie wins what. I watch the show to see who's WEARING what and who came with who. So, here's my take on tonight.

I can't believe I'm going to say this... but Miley Cyrus - yes, Hannah Montana - gets my "Best Dressed" award at tonight's Academy Awards. She totally slays it in this tiered beaded Zuhair Murad gown. The thick belt adds extra "oomph" while her Mary Norton clutch matches seamlessly.

UPDATE 2/24: E's "Fashion Police" said they liked the dress, but thought it was "too old" for Miley.

My number two pick goes to Maresi Tomei, nominated tonight for "The Wrestler". I love this Versace mermaid number. The rouching and pleating on this gown is INCREDIBLE! This one-shoulder look was very popular tonight.

UPDATE 2/24: E's "Fashion Police" said they loved this Versace number with it's origami influence, but thought the bodice was "ill-fitted" on Marissa. They also did not like her hair.

Runner up honorees go to (Randy's fantasy date) Natalie Portman. She brought some color to the red carpet wearing a Grecian-inspired, orchid pink Rodarte gown.

UPDATE 2/24: E's "Fashion Police" gave Natalie their "Best Dressed Award" for having the best overall look with the gown, hair, make-up and accessories.

Taraji P. Henson graced the Oscar red carpet tonight in a cream mermaid gown by Roberto Cavalli, accessorized with a gorgeous Fred Leighton 19th-century necklace and a Mary Norton clutch.

UPDATE 2/24: E's "Fashion Police" LOVED the jewelry selected to accompany this gown. Statement pieces are "big" for this season and this is "how you do it right". They also loved her "fresh" make-up and sophisticated hair. Eveyone loved the gown.

Best-actress-nominated Angelina Jolie kept it safe tonight and chose a simple black Elie Saab gown tonight. Her gown is sharp and classic, but it's those stunning emerald earrings that really shine. And you can't go wrong with Brad Pitt on your arm. For both those choices, she gets my award for "Best Accessorized".

UPDATE 2/24: E's "Fashion Police" all agreed that Angie is a goddess who can almost never do any wrong. From her sophisicated hair to her stunning selection of emerald accessories, to having the best-looking date on the red carpet - she is always a winner!

My pick for Worst Dressed of the night goes to Beyonce. Hey Beyonce, the Holiday Inn called and you owe them $49.99 for stealing their drapes.

UPDATE 2/24: E's "Fashion Police" also nominated Beyonce for thier "Wrost Dressed".

I can't wait to watch E's "Fashion Police" tomorrow night. We'll see if their picks match mine.