Thursday, April 30, 2009

Make It Work!

Pinch me! I have died and gone to reality TV show heaven. Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame was in Dallas today. He is working with Kate Spade to promote their Spring line and made a stop at their Northpark Center store today.

I must point out that it was sooooo humid that I was having an awful time getting my hair to do anything I wanted it to do. So, while I am thrilled to have a Kodak memento with Tim, I am not happy with my frizzed out coif. Thank goodness I going to see Daniel today!

Anywho, let me tell you about the event. The Kate Spade gals kept the natives from getting too restless by passing out citrus cookies and champagne.

Tim started right off by addressing the question of how to be fashionable in a recession without feeling guilty or breaking the bank by saying that it's "all about the accessories".
He encouraged shoppers to stick with tride and true style pieces in your wardrobe and splurge on less expensive pieces like jewelry, handbags and shoes to take an outfit from day to night, work to date night.

He then gave a style show using outfits that "everyone has in their closet" like jeans and a white T-shirt and a little black dress to illustrate his style points - and show off the Kate Spade collection which is varied, bright and fun! (see video above)

When asked about what colors would be hot for spring he answered, "Look around the store! It's all about oranges, yellows, fuchsias - bright colors!"

Another question asked was, "What is the biggest fashion mistake is that most people make?" Tim responded, "Wearing the wrong size. People tend to buy larger than they really are for comfort or because they are afraid to show off their shape. Wearing something too big will make you look heavier than you really are. And who wants that!"
Tim Gunn will be at Kate Spade in the Dallas Galleria on Thursday, April 30 from 6 to 8 pm. With $100 purchase, fans will be guaranteed a photograph and meet and greet.

So, look at your schedule and "make it work" to get over there and meet Tim!

PS: The new season of Project Runway will finally air at its new home at Lifetime on August 20th. Set your Tivo!
Auf wiedersehen.