Friday, May 1, 2009

Parkie Pic of the Week

For those of you who live outside the area, University Park and Highland Park are together called Park Cities. Citizens of these fabled Texas towns are called "Parkies". Hence, my weekly fun feature which I call "Parkie Pic of the Week" in which I like to highlight an unusual or spectacular feature of my neighborhood. Click on any photo to enlarge it and enjoy greater detail.

First of all, can we talk about this lawn. What kind of grass are they using because my yard looks nothing like this. It's brown and patchy with weeds spouting up everywhere. This lawn looks like it's been trimmed with manicure scissors. It's so velvety soft I want to roll around on it and breathe in it's grassy goodness.

I think the house is cool because of the big square window trio that juts out. It's a very contemporary statement - but the house isn't overly contemporary in appearance. This is the front of the house, but it's not obvious. You don't see the front door. It's just different. And I like different, if it's well done. This, is well done my friends.

If the owners pulled up and I was rolling around on the front lawn, do you think they'd care? It's almost too irresistible. Good thing I took this photo several weeks ago and can't really remember where the house is now. If I find you again...