Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mommy Madness sets in

Several weeks ago, Little Man and I were in the car when a radio commercial came on promoting the new Chevy Traverse.

The voice on the radio said, "We are looking for Mommy Bloggers to drive the new Chevy Traverse and blog about the car and your experiences with it."

Little Man says, "You're a Mommy Blogger. You should enter - you'd so win!". And so I did. And guess what? I so won!

Five moms from the Dallas area were chosen from over 200 entries. Wow! I am so honored that I was good enough to have made the cut (they like me, they really like me)!! We will be given a Chevy Traverse to drive for eight weeks. I will also get a video camera to make webisodes about the car and how I implement it into my daily life. We have to post at least 3 webisodes a week. We will also be assigned "Mommy Missions" to complete and document. Little Man is so excited to be my sidekick and get to be in the videos. He's a chip off the old hambone.

Last week I got to meet 3 of the other Mommy Bloggers. The three ladies I am with in this photo all have toddlers and infants (is it just me or do I look like a giant in this picture? I mean, I am only 5'6"). The other Mom who couldn't attend the meeting has 3 kids (high school/middle school/elementary school).

So, we are a diverse crowd spanning all ranges of Motherhood. I think this will be great for the promotion because we will all be using the car very differently. I am waaaaaaaaay past the baby carrier and car seat phase - thank you Jesus.

KVIL and KLUV are the radio partners and will be commenting on our posts and driving traffic to the promotional site. The radio advertising will encourage listeners to vote for their favorite video post (THAT NEEDS TO BE MINE!). So, people, get ready to vote.

The promotion starts April 20 - so stay tuned for more details!