Friday, May 15, 2009

I had one of those "teaching" moments this week. You know, the kind of moment where something bad happens and you use it as an opportunity to teach your child a life lesson. I freakin' hate those moments where I have to be the bigger person.

So here's the story. Little Man had a baseball game at 6:00 and Randy said, "Pick him up early from his after-school care program so he doesn't run himself ragged playing football on the playground after school and he's no good for the game." So, being the obedient wife that I am, I leave work early and pick Little Man up from school.

We are literally 6 blocks from the house, driving past the high school when I pass a parked police car (actually, in Park Cities they drive SUV's). He immediately turns on his flashing lights and sticks his arm out the window and motions me over. I seriously, have no idea why he's pulling me over.

Turns out I am going 32 in a school zone (20 mph). It is 4:25 pm and the school zone ends at 4:30 pm. There isn't ONE kid anywhere in sight. Normally, I would be rolling eyes and using a smart-ass tone and saying something like," Are you kidding me? This is what my tax dollars are paying for?" But Little Man was in the car and I had to set a good example about how you respect the Police. So I was very polite and used my sweetest voice. He took my license and went back to run it - you know, just in case I was a wanted woman.

Jackson grabbed my hand and said, "Mom, I'm scared." I couldn't help but laugh because he look so pained. He was really scared we were going to jail. I assured him that this was a very minor offense and he had nothing to worry about.

Then the asshole came back and actually gave me a ticket! I was shocked! I used my sweet voice and everything! I had a cute kid in the front seat! This is what confirmed that I am justified in going back to my bad attitude. If I'm going to get a ticket - at least I can feel good knowing I didn't take it laying down.

The piste de résistance was when we got home. I pulled in the driveway and before I even had the car in park, Little Man leaps out of the car and races into the house yelling, "Dad! Dad! Mom almost got us arrested!" Stinker. He totally threw me under the bus.