Saturday, May 16, 2009

Social Media Success Summit 2009

In the last year, I have become addicted to social media. It all started with this blog, which I started to keep in touch with family who lived out of town. Over time, this blog has evolved into something quite different than its original intent. Some of my posts are personal - about my son and my family, but a lot of posts are my views and commentary on life issues and my perspective as a working Mom.

Since the blog's inception, I have joined Facebook and most recently, jumped on the twitter band wagon. I love using these social media mechanisms to keep up with friends - but as marketer, I also see huge business applications from a business to consumer standpoint. Social Media is a great way for a business to connect with their consumers on a more emotional or grass roots level. And it gives you the opportunity to not sell to them - but to converse with them. And in that process, you can learn so much about your targeted demographic and use that knowledge to enhance your business and grow loyal customers in the process.

That being said, I have VERY exciting news! You may, or may not, know that my husband owns an advertising agency called Gangway Advertising. He specializes in small to mid-sized businesses and does everything from naming new concepts to designing logos to TV/Radio commercials to media buying. We are launching a new arm of the business designed to offer Social Media and Public Relations services. So now, we can help spread the gospel about how Social Media sites can grow your business. Whee!

That being said, there is much to learn! New technologies and gizmos and gadets (or widgets) are being created daily. It's a lot to learn and keep on top of. By publishing this post, I am attempting to win tickets to the Social Media Success Summit so I can increase my knowledge and bring even more to the table.

Wish me luck!