Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camp Ozark/Session 4 comes to an end

We hit the road Friday afternoon towards Arkansas and Camp Ozark. We met up with 4 other families at the deluxe accommodations of the Royal Oaks Inn. After some delicious crunchy tacos at "El Diamonte" in the Mt. Ida town square, we enjoyed some cocktails poolside and called it an early night.

Little Man with his counselors, Kyle and Rolson

Around 8:00 am Saturday morning, we caravaned over to Camp Ozark and boarded the buses that take all the parents into the camp grounds where our children were anxiously waiting the sight of us. We were the third bus in, so our kids didn't have to wait long. I was never so happy to see that little face! He was sitting on the front porch of Cabin 37 with gifts in his hands of the crafts he had made for us. I got off the bus, gave him a big hug and instantly burst into tears.
This is a beautiful wooden cross necklace that Little Man made for me. Of course, I put it on right way and wore it all day. He asked me at least 10 times if I liked it and if I thought it was pretty. Of course I ooh'ed and ahhh'ed all over it. Then, at one point in the day, he took it in his hands and looked at me and said, "Mom, have you asked Jesus Christ to come into your heart?" Ah, the joys of church camp...

He made Randy a plaque for his office with a drawing on it of he and Randy playing tackle football. It is now sitting proudly on Randy's office book case.
We had about 45 minutes for him to take us all over the camp grounds and show us all of his favorite sites, then the kids had to report back to their cabins for the closing ceremonies. The photo above shows the water trampolines in the background. This was one of his most fun activities, he reports. The parents went to find a seat at the Field House and campers were awarded individual honors and cabin honors. Then the big announcement was made... Was it the Caddo tribe or the Osage tribe that won the competition for Session 4? And the winner was... (see video)

Little Man was so happy that his tribe won. Great bragging rights.
We high-tailed it out of there and hit the road back towards Dallas. He was eager to tell us all about his cabin, counselors, new friends, activities. Then, after a flurry of conversation, he passed out in the back seat and slept for over 2 hours. He was wiped out! He's already asked if he can go back to camp next year. I think it was a wonderful experience for him and I'm so glad he went!