Sunday, July 26, 2009

"A Little Boy Needs a Dog"

Readers of this site know that I have been on a massive dog hunt for the past two weeks that Little Man was away at Camp. Our last dog, Cooper, died 3 years ago of cancer and Little Man has been asking for a new dog ever since. The idea comes and goes but it's really ramped up in the last 6 months. He came to me teary eyed a few months ago (holding Cooper's picture for effect) and said, "Mom, I'm a little boy and little boys need a dog." Well, how can you say no to that! So, I promised the boy a dog for his 9th birthday - and by-golly, I intended to keep my promise. I had no idea when I started looking how hard it would be to find what I wanted?

Our main criteria was to get a dog that wasn't little, like a Yorkie or a Pug, but we didn't want a big dog either, like a Labrador or a Golden Retriever. We were looking for a medium size dog. Do you know how hard is it to find a medium size dog?

I put over 200 miles on my car going to every shelter and rescue group in the Dallas area. We found this guy at the Carrollton Shelter. He had been picked up by the Dog Catcher 7 days earlier. He isn't house broken or leashed trained. Ay yi yi.

When Randy asked me "Why this dog?" My response was, "He just had such a sweet face. He isn't "cute" or "pretty". He's the kind of dog that 100 other people would have walked past. But he just had a sweet face and I saw potential." He just looked looked like a good "Little Boy" dog to me. So, I have a call in to a dog trainer and hopefully, we can start polishing our diamond in the rough this week.

Little Man came home from Camp yesterday to his birthday present and he said "it was love at first sight". The only person who's not happy to have him in the family is Miss Kitty. We're hoping she comes around...

We haven't named him yet. Randy likes "Tuco" (pronounced Two-Co). He's a character from "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly". Except I can't remember that and I keep wanting to call him "Taco". I'm probably going to have to let him have his way since I did kind of force the dog on him... it's the least I can do. But if anyone has any other brilliant suggestions - feel free to post them up!