Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where to Find Celebrities on Dallas

I've decided that the best place to see celebrities - particularly Dallas Cowboys - in Dallas is not the Mansion on Turtle Creek or Fearing's restaurant in the Ritz or Al Biernat's Steakhouse.

Nope. It's the football fields at McCulloch Middle School in Highland Park.

Last week we had Troy Aikman watching Little Man's football game. This week, on the field right next to our game, was Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry's son, Stephen is coaching his grandson's team (same grade as my Little Man).

I'm telling you, I have to dress up and wear lipstick to every game because you just never know who you will see next!

This game has been dubbed "The Mud Bowl". It has rained off and on for the better part of the last 3 weeks. The fields are so saturated that they have turned into swamps. The first play of the game, Little Man took a dive right into a puddle and it was chaos from then on out... the boys loved it.