Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Dallas Cowboy Trilogy that almost was...

Do you want the Good News or the Bad News about yesterday?

The good news, was that my Dad and his fiance, Patricia, came up to watch Little Man's football game. We went out to brunch before the game and had a great visit. The weather was FANTASTIC. I could have stayed outside all day. Oh wait, I did.

The other good news was that we were playing my FAVORITE game of the whole season. Daryl Johnston's team. I don't care about their players... I'm talking about the chance to stare at the most gorgeous man on the planet for a whole hour. I was pumped! Plus, it was going to complete my Dallas Cowboy Trilogy. Two weeks ago, we had Troy Aikman on our sidelines. Last week, we played next to Jerry Jones. And this week was going to give me my Daryl Johnston sighting.

The bad news... We got to the field, only to discover that Daryl Johnston WASN'T THERE. I guess he was traveling for work or something. Such a bummer.

Look at the middle of this photograph and see this monster they had Little Man lined up against. He was a good foot and a half taller than my baby. I told him to just put his helmet in his stomach and try and knock the wind out of him.

We ended the day with a baseball game later in the day and dinner with friends. A super fun, fantastic day. Now... on to Sunday!