Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bradfield Graduation: The Family Picnic

The event was billed as a Family Picnic at Goar Park. Bring your own food, but there would be a DJ and games! It should have been a relaxing evening. I pictured me, lounging on my blanket, drinking my sippy cup of wine (cleverly concealed in a Starbucks coffee cup with a lid) and chatting with my other Mom-friends about their Summer plans.

Oh, that would have been too easy.

Bradfield Graduation (Part 2): The Family Picnic

It started out well enough. We got there and they had the park decorated with streamers and balloons. People were staking out their spots. I spotted our friends Venus and Cenote Steve (code names for you newbies to this blog) right away and we sauntered over to camp out with them.

About 30 minutes into the event, one of the organizers began to make a vain attempt to gather all 200+ 4th graders in front of the gazebo for a group photo. They were finally wrangled together in one big mish-mash of sweaty bodies when - BOOM! The skies opened up and it began to rain. Not a light sprinkle either. This is why I only have these 2 photos because the first thing I did was make a mad dash for the car to put my camera away and grab an umbrella.

The kids scattered like rats on a sinking ship and everyone headed under the trees. A lucky few got under the big gazebo. After about 10 minutes, it lightened up and the party resumed. Of course now everyone was soaked, or at least very damp, but the kids didn't care. And since this party was for the kids, all the grown ups stayed and just grumbled about being wet and looking like drowned rats.

Oh, and did I mention there is a big creek that runs through the park. So since they were already wet, most of the boys ended up in the creek getting cups of water and throwing it on each other in some form of a Tag game.

So much for my relaxing picnic...