Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bradfield Graduation: The Ceremony

Well, the big day had finally arrived. The last day of elementary school and that meant the official graduation day ceremony.  Now, when I was a kid, I remember having a graduation ceremony from Kindergarten.  But when I was in 4th grade??? Back in my day, elementary school went until 6th grade.  And there was no ceremony to herald your departure. You just left.  But these are strange times. New times. And today's kids...get ceremonies for 4th grade.

Bradfield Graduation (Part 3): The Ceremony

Can you believe how many kids they have crammed on that stage.  Jackson was so mortified that they had to sing songs. But he did get to stand (reeeeeeeeeeal close, I might add) to a little cutie patootie, so that was some consolation.

After the ceremony, the kids were allowed to leave school at noon.  We walked across the street to Mi Cocina (along with most every other Bradfield family) and celebrated with queso!

We hailed farewell to Bradfield and headed home to kick off the Summer!