Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bradfield Graduation: The Swim Party

Wait, you thought my graduation blog posts would end with the ceremony.... Oh nooooooooo!  To top it all off with a big chocolate cherry on the cake, the school arranged for the Highland Park Pool to open one day early for our little guys to have a splash fest.

Bradfield Graduation (Part 4): The Swim Party

I had planned on staying and taking pictures of the kids, but a brief rain shower an hour before the party left the day humid and muggy. Terrible for observing. Great for swimming.

There was a DJ playing Justin Bieber and Black Eyed Peas dance tunes. A pizza truck pulled up as I was leaving with 40 pizzas.  As you can see from the photo below, there were about 100 beach balls in the pool.  Oh yeah... it was a par-tay!

I picked up Little Man and our neighbor at the end of the night and they were loaded down with goodies and sweets. A great way to end their last day of 4th grade.

NOW, Summer has officially begun.