Friday, June 11, 2010

What to do on a rainy day? Bowling!

Our plans for the pool got scrapped the other day due to rain showers that blew through. Since there was "nothing to do" I took Little Man and his friend to the bowling alley. They had a ball (literally) competing against each other to see who could make the craziest shot or knock down the most pins using the slowest roll.  And they were doing crazy dance moves when it wasn't their turn to distract the other person from making a good shot. They were funny to watch.

I loved it because they had free wi-fi, so I took my laptop and worked the whole time we were there!  And - BONUS - they were playing 80's songs and showing the videos on huge TV screens over the lanes.  It was awesome!  A MTV flashback extraordinaire!

What I did NOT love was the price tag on this excursion. $70 for a pizza, shoe rental and four games. Jeez Louise!  I thought this was a blue-collar sport for the everyman. Apparently the everyman is making a ton of moola to be able to afford this hobby.

The things I do for love...