Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Bowl Snowpocalypse 2011

Jerry Jones had meticulously planned every detail of this year's Super Bowl to showcase his new stadium and the city at its finest. The one thing he couldn't control is the one thing that is putting a huge damper on his plans: the weather.

Ice, sleet and snow blanked the city and closed roads and schools all over the Metroplex this week.  Weather men are calling this the worst winter storm we've had in 50 years.  Many Super Bowl events have been canceled throughout the week and merchants are bitterly disappointed over the lack of traffic and revenues.

The forecast for Sunday's game is sunny and 50 degrees, but it won't make up for the disappointment Mother Nature smacked us with
this week leading up to the Big Game.

The only demographic not pissed off about this turn of events are our children who have had a week's vacation from school.  Outside my house I hear nothing but happy shreiks from the kids in the neighborhood having snow ball fights, sledding down the streets and building snow men.

Glad someone's enjoying this...