Saturday, February 5, 2011

Superbash 2011 hosted by Pamela Anderson was a Super Bust

Dallas Superbash 2011 promised to deliver "an exciting combination of premier entertainment, star athletes, celebrities, national and local corporate VIPs, and the social set of Dallas."

Hosted by Pamela Anderson, Dallas Superbash 2011 was billed to be "Dallas’ biggest athlete and celebrity party during 2011 NFL Super Bowl XLV Weekend."

The event was held at f.i.g. (Fashion Industry Gallery) in Downtown Dallas. Seven inches of snow the night before couldn't keep gawkers away from catching a glimpse of Pamela, but apparently it kept all of the other celebrities away.

Oh sure, there were hulking, big men everywhere I looked, so I know there were athletes galore all around me... but none that I recognized.

This party was a lame duck in terms of star watching... but an A+ in terms of people watching in general. Lots of flash and cash.

After several hours at f.i.g., we walked across the street to the Fairmont Hotel and ran into former Dallas Cowboy, Michael Irvin, in the bar. It cracks me up that celebrities wear sunglasses inside, like this will keep people from noticing them.  Nooooooooo, actually, it make you stand out more as someone who wants to be noticed.

I walked up and asked Michael if we could get a photo with him, and he said, "Baby, you know if I take one it will start an avalanche."  Meaning that then throngs of people would see the flash and rush over. So I say, "It's cool. Just wanted to say hi." and I turn to walk away. "No, no, no baby," he says, grabbing my arm, "For you...anything." Uh-huh. That's what I thought. So, flash. We get our picture. And shockingly, I did not get trampled heading back to the bar.

Bev gets a text from a friend, and we head over to The Ritz. The Rattlesnake Bar at The Ritz is always good people watching.  If you ever want a good time, this is the place to come and last night was no exception.

Dean Fearing runs the joint and he had the brilliant idea to clear out one of the dining rooms and turn it into a disco. It felt like Studio 54 and at 2 AM this joint was jumpin'!

We got there right before last call and I hadn't taken 2 sips of my drink when the lights came up and security started herding people towards the door. Apparently, when they can't make money off you any longer, they lose interest in your entertainment needs. But we got our cocktail and a few dances in before the party was over.

Thanks to my gal pal, Bev, for letting me her wingman last night. I haven't stayed out till 3 AM in a looooooooooooooooong time. But, that's what the Super Bowl is all about. Super parties!!

I gotta go take a nap. Tonight will be another long night of adventure... Stay tuned.