Thursday, March 10, 2011

Discover: Malai Thai Vietnamese Kitchen

Malai - Thai Vietnamese Kitchen has been open in West Village for about a month, but they just got around to hosting an official grand opening soiree this week.

Owner, Braden Wages told me they wanted a chance to "work out some of the kinks" before they officially invited everyone in to scrutinize them.  Always a good call.

“We are very excited to open our first restaurant in West Village,” says co-owner Yasmin Wages. “There is a lot of positive energy here, and an appetite for a cultural culinary experience.”

Owners, Yasmin & Braden Wages
The restaurant features an open kitchen, spacious open-air patio, and an active bar scene with specialty cocktails.

The menu was developed by Braden and Yasmin, and offers innovative renditions of traditional Thai and Vietnamese dishes. Signature dishes include fresh summer rolls, Kobe beef tartar, Vietnamese beef noodle soup (Pho Bo), and the always classic Pad Thai.

Braden stressed that what sets Malai apart is the fact that everything they create is made fresh and from scratch at the restaurant daily, including their curry sauces.  You won't find any packaged ingredients here.

You can find Malai in the old Tom Tom Noodle space.  In case you are looking for a personal recommendation, I highly recommend the Chicken Curry.

Malai | 3699 McKinney Ave., Suite 319 | Dallas, TX | 75204 | 972.591.3387