Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Parkies needed for GCB: Good Christian Bitches

Heads up!  As I mentioned last week, ABC is about to begin filming the pilot for "Good Christian Bitches".  The show is currently being called GCB for TV - which is STUPID.

I just got a call from a rep at Cache Casting who says they are looking for people who have the "Highland Park look" to use as extras on the set.

Filming will take place in Highland Park "at a church" on March 22 and 23.  You need to be between the ages of 28-55 (sorry SMU kids) and be willing to work for a mere $64 a day. But, hey! They will feed you on the set and you can say you were on a TV show!

If you are interested in getting your 15 minutes of fame and possibly being discovered, email a head shot (can be an informal photo) to  You must put ABC in the Subject line.

Good luck and happy filming, bitches!

UPDATE: Cache Casting wants you to know that "They need men and women. And they are looking to change the name. This shoot is just for the pilot. The show is going to be a spin off of Housewives of New York City, etc. Except it will be Housewives of Highland Park. This show is in no way trying to insult anyones faith, and that is why they haven't decided the name for sure. The day on the set is a great opportunity to work with the producers of Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives and Melrose Place. This is all about opportunity. You will be working as background talent and the experience is well worth it."

So, get off your high horse people. Even the Lord has a sense of humor.