Friday, May 6, 2011

Simon Cowell is coming to Dallas to find "The X Factor"

You know Simon Cowell as the creator of American Idol.  But before he hopped across the pond, Simon was already a hit maker in Britain with shows called Pop Maker and The X Factor.

The main difference is that Pop Maker and American Idol are for individuals and The X Factor can be an individual or a group. 

As everyone knows, Cowell left American Idol this year and is launching The X Factor on the FOX network this Fall.

So, what is the "X Factor"?  It's the undefinable "something" that makes for star quality.

If you think you have what it takes to be a pop sensation, then you are in luck because Cowell is bringing his traveling circus to Dallas to audition for Leona Lewis-wannbes on May 26

Maybe you're not a performer but you'd like to be in the audience and experience a live taping of the show? Well, you are in luck too! THE X FACTOR LIVE AUDITIONS will be visiting cities across the country auditioning both solo artists AND vocal groups. The auditions will be in front of the judges and a live audience.  The show will film live in Dallas on June 21 and 22 at American Airlines Center.

Get your tickets today!