Friday, May 6, 2011

Where's Waldo?

Kathy Griffith has made a cool fortune and quite the career using self-deprecating humor about her "Life on the D List".  I am running a far-distant place behind her - perhaps on the "M List" and the latest Modern Luxury magazine proves it.

As you can glean from reading this blog, I attend a lot of events. And these events are always covered by the local publications.  So, every month I faithfully pick up these papers and mags to see who they thought was worthy of featuring  (secretly hoping, of course, I might see myself!).

Of course, it's never me.  Until this month!  Check out the latest issue of Modern Luxury. Page 36.  You see me?  Look hard.

There I am! In the second row at the Fresh Faces of Fashion event at Stanley Korshak next to my hot date for the evening, Elise. Suh-weet! Next month may I might make a group shot.  I just have to remember to not stand on the end so they cut me out...