Sunday, August 7, 2011

Food for Thought Delivers

Last night, I attended the 3d annual Food for Thought celebrity chef charity event at the Tower Club, whose proceeds benefit Big Thought, one of the nation’s leading nonprofits focused on building partnerships that allow all children access to quality learning opportunities.  Food for Thought featured more than a dozen chefs from our city’s finest establishments presenting signature “tastes” of their specialties during the evening.

(top left) Tiffany Derry, Private Social with an assistant (top right) Lisa Garza, Lisa Garza Taste Studio
(bottom Left) John Tesar, The Commissary (bottom right) Khanh Dao, Pho Colonial

Lisa Garza is known for her signature look, which is a sleek, severe bob. But last night her tresses were sporting a longer look, with her hair grazing her shoulders.  When I commented on the new look, Garza replied, "Wedding hair." Every girl gets sucked into the Princess Bride thing and Lisa is no exception. She is set to marry Travis Selcer later this Fall.

I am very excited for the late-September opening of Private Social by Tiffany Derry. You know me and my love of reality and competition TV shows! The experience will be very unique as the “Private” dining side will be more on the quiet side, with more of the upscale dishes that many have come to love from Derry.  The “Social” side will be the place for local socialites, with menu items all under $10.  Derry notes that, “I am treating them like two different restaurants.”

 (top) Daryl "Moose" Johnston, Steven Doyle of with Leslie Pritchard, Regina Bruce
(bottom) Diane Johnston, Allyson Aynesworth and Candy Evans
Each year the Food for Thought steering committee honors a local civic leader with the Gavel of Excellence for significant contributions of service to our community.  Clarice Tinsley of FOX 4 News was the Mistress of Ceremonies, who had the pleasure of introducing this year's honoree, Daryl "Moose" Johnston.  Daryl has a long track record of charitable giving for this community, but last night's award was for his work with Slant 45: Service Learning Adventures in North Texas, a program designed by Big Thought and the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee, to inspire youth to become champions of community service.

About Big Thought
In supporting Big Thought, we are helping give children access to creative instruction and hands-on learning during school hours and beyond, all year long. Big Thought supports community partnerships, cultural integration for academic achievement, youth development and family learning. It partners with community agencies including school districts, library systems, child care centers, recreation centers, and juvenile detention facilities to support the success and education of our rising generation in school and life.