Sunday, August 7, 2011

Let Julie In!

MediaBistro first reported this story about copywriter Julie Bowman who, at 45, is looking for an opportunity to stay relevant in the industry to which she’s dedicated the last two decades of her life. To do that, she feels her best option is to go back to school and learn the technological skills she needs to increase her career’s longevity.

The 13 coveted spots at Wieden + Kennedy’s experiment W+K12 ad school might seemed better suited toward young creatives who looking to get their start in the industry, someone like Kate Digilio who demonstrated her web design skills by creating a faux-version of the school’s website.

The road to a career in advertising is a journey that Bowman began traveling in 1989, and 20+ years in an industry known to swallow people whole (and be prejudiced toward women) might seem like a stunning success to middle-aged people looking to leave the industry to start a second career. Not Bowman, who says “I want to keep doing it. And as long as I do, I want to be the best at it.”

In a world where marketing is dominated by 20-somethings who tend to burn out by Bowman’s age, why not help her dream come true?

Interested parties can sign this petition which aggressively 
asks W+K execs, “Let Julie in!” 

How much does Bowman want this? “I’ll have another 25 years before they try to make me retire,” she says. “I’m not done yet.  I don’t want to go quietly.”

So, why am I bringing you this story?

Well, Julie is a sorority sister of mine, so I have known her for 25+ years. She is the most imaginative and creative gal I have ever met. The photo at the top of this post? That's "Work Julie".

This photo on the right? That's the Julie I know: hilarious, life-of-the-party, crazy, over-the-top and wacky. Which is makes her such a fantastic copywriter and marketing creative.

She emailed me yesterday through Facebook and asked, "Would you post (this petition) on your page so your huge following could support me?"

The funny thing, is that Julie has totally been very reluctant to jump on the social media bandwagon.  When I have talked about the social media work I do for clients, she has scoffed that "social media is a waste of time".   

Realllllllllllllllllly?! Well, I would just love to show Ms. Julie a thing or two about the power of social media and using your online community for action. Plus, we gals gotta stick together. So, please take 60 seconds to go online and sign her petition so we can make her dream come true. The fact that I can show her that social media is not a waste of time, will just be icing on my cake.