Sunday, August 7, 2011

Big Rich Texas, Episode Four: Murder Mystery Debacle

This episode of Big Rich Texas starts out with Bonnie all a-flutter over plans for a Murder Mystery Dinner at the Country Club. Apparently, this is one of her many businesses.

Bonnie is a complete conundrum to me. According to the bio on her website, she's a published fiction author, C.E.O. of an international murder mystery company, a recording artist, and a developmental physiologist. What?!

She's like Sybil, but instead of multiple personalities, she has multiple careers.  And random careers that have nothing to do with one another. I am tired just reading about all of her many ventures! She has so much energy!

Pam (dubbed the "Wicked Bitch of Dallas" this episode by Bonnie & Whitney) catches wind of this Murder Mystery Dinner and says, "Hell to the no!"  due to the fact that there have been several country club murders in the recent news.  If you recall, Susan Loper, a Pilates instructor at Glenneagles Country Club was abducted and murdered from the club this past April, when filming for this show was taking place.   I couldn't find any news of another murder to back up Pam's claim that there were "several" murders.  But there was this one.

Bonnie is so distraught that Pam has gotten her party booted from the Club that she takes off for her "second home" - her plastic surgeon's office - for some Botox.  And thank goodness she went, because good 'ole Dr. Botox offered up his "spacious" home for Bonnie to relocate her party.

According to Bonnie, it was the least he could do since she probably pays the mortgage there anyway.  Word.  And now, she as hatched a diabolical plan to not only invite Pam to her party... but she will make her the murder victim. Heh heh heh.  Of course, once at the event, Pam will have no part in any of Bonnie's little shenanigans and fightin' word ensue!

Melissa Poe
There was a little side bit about Maddie having a date with Bonnie's son, Zack, but I'm not interested enough in what 15 year olds do to even write about it. Except to say that I am 100% with Melissa about how she is parenting Maddie. You go, girl!

What was up with Leslie's date with Anthony Dorsett Jr. (Tony Dorsett's son) who on their first date is telling her that she needs to check out a strip club because they have the best buffets?! Ew. Gross!

The only other little side story was about Melissa, who was considering getting back into modeling and broke down in tears when an agent told her unless she lost some weight, she would only be able to do plus-sized modeling. I found this laughable because Melissa is gorgeous and there is no way she needs to lose weight. No way.

This week's "I Spy" shout out goes to the always dapper, Dan Pritchett, who I spied at Bonnie's Murder Mystery party. Holla!

Other notable location shout outs tonight go to:
  • Komali (where Leslie & Melissa had lunch)
  • Tootsies (where Grace & Maddie were shopping)
  • Skintatsic (where Bonnie gets her Botox)
  • Uptown Consignment (Connie's store where Melissa went to talk about grace's party)
  • Kent Rathbun's Blue Plate (where Melissa meets with an agent who tells her she could be a plus sized model)

What did you think of tonight's episode? Are you Team Bonnie or Team Pam?