Monday, August 15, 2011

Meet Ali Dee and Brooke Jeter from Texas Women: The Interview

Brooke Jeter and Ali Dee
WFAA Daybreak's Ron Corning and I chatted on-air several weeks ago about the slew of reality TV docu-dramas and competition shows that are originating from the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  One of those shows is Texas Women which is currently running every Thursday at 9 PM on CMT.

The premise of the show is a quartet of friends who work in the rodeo and country music scene by day and party by night. There’s a competitive barrel racer (Brooke Jeter), a lazy wanna-be model ("Hurricane" Hannah Helvey), a stock contractor (Anna Hunt), and an aspiring singer (Ali Dee).

This past Friday, Ron had Ali Dee and Brooke Jeter on the show and I had an all-access pass to hang out with the ladies backstage and chat with them about how life has changed now that their show is on the air. 'Cuz that's how I roll...

You have to check out the photo's to see first-hand Brooke's addition to bling. This girl loves her a Bedazzler. Her husband, Jason, also tagged along for moral support and hung out with me on the sidelines.
Ali performed her single "World's Gone Crazy" for the crowd gathered outside the WFAA studios in Victory Plaza.  The first 30 seconds is Ron Corning introducing her and you can't really hear what they are saying, so click forward if you want to just get to the singing part:

Even though it was 6:30 AM, both ladies were bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and eager to chat about their experiences both on the show and what's happened since filming ended.  Here's my chat with Brooke Jeter. Sorry for the shaky start. Can you tell I had drunk 2 cups of coffee before I filmed this? Jeez!

I caught up with Ali Dee after her performance for a quick visit to see how her ep - aka. Elvis Presley - was coming along.  (You have to watch the show to get that one...)

Both gals were just charming and I had a great time hanging out with them. We are only to episode 4 and so far Anna has been my favorite on the show, but... after the meeting the ladies today, Brooke has definitely moved up the ladder for me. She and Jason are a great couple and she is full of personality.  She can drop a dead cricket in my lasagna anytime. 

You can catch Texas Women every Thursday at 9 PM on CMT.