Monday, August 15, 2011

New Obsession: Amber Venz Tribal Bracelets

Amber Venz is a Dallas-based jewelry designer that I think is 'da bomb. Not only does she create amazing pieces, she is a style-star in her own right. Venz just debuted the first group of the Amber Venz Fall 2011 jewelry collection and I have a NEW obsession!!  Amber's inspiration this season was tribal Africa and this collection is all about layering, contrast and humor.

One of Amber's about-to-be-super-famous clients is her BFF, Courtney Kerr from Most Eligible Dallas (which premieres on Bravo tonight at 9 PM). She styled her for the whole season, so if you spot a fabulous accessory on Courtney - you'll know where to go to get one for yourself!

(left) Marina: stretch bracelet with carved horn skulls and brass beads. $263
(right) Skipper: stretch bracelet with wooden beads and carved horn skull charm. $112

Here's a screen shot of Courtney Kerr's appearance on Good Morning Texas today wearing some of Amber's new pieces: