Friday, August 12, 2011

Nominate Oh So Cynthia for DFW’s Most Valuable Blogger Awards 2011

CBS is looking for the best and brightest bloggers in DFW to compete for the title of Most Valuable Blogger in each of six different categories: Dining/Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle/Family, Local Affairs, Health/Fitness/Medical, Everything Else.

Like the true Southern gal I am, I want a title (and a crown). 

I would be so thankful if you would please take a moment and
in the category of Dining/Entertainment.  You have until August 12.

If you nominate this blog, the next time you buy a lottery ticket you will win a million dollars, your kids will stop back-talking you, you will get a promotion at work and flowers will magically appear at your door. Okay, maybe all that's wishful thinking... but if I could make it happen, I would!

Thank you for your support!