Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Most Eligible Dallas: Red Carpet Premiere

Gilt City Dallas and Bravo offered fans inside access to the "Most Eligible: Dallas" premiere with a debut screening at the Highland Park Village theater.  For $30, Gilt City Dallas members got the chance to rub shoulders and watch the premiere episode of the show with the cast and afterwards mix and mingle at an after party at the Marquee Lounge.

Drew Ginsburg, Tara Harper, Courtney Kerr, Matt Nordgren and Neill Skylar

This evening was the culmination of the last 6 months of blogging for me. In the first episode, there's a clip where Courtney Kerr says, "I'm a slave to fashion" and it shows them at a fashion show.  That was the August Alexander Spring 2011 fashion show and that was the first night I first stumbled onto this crazy cast of characters.  It's been a wild ride ever since.

Courtney sent me a text on Monday morning, "I feel like it's my wedding day!" I understood how she felt... I kind of felt like a bridesmaid!

WFAA's Daybreak had asked me to cover this event for them, so not only did I get to attend the party, but this was my first time to actually be the reporter and interview people on camera. No pressure or anything!  I will be on Daybreak this Friday to talk about this event and the show with Ron Corning, in case you are up and 6:30 or want to set your DVR!

  Cynthia interviewing Courtney Kerr and Matt Nordgren for WFAA's Daybreak

Other Dallas stylistas who turned out for this par-tay were Cathy Vieth, Gregg Asher (he's the one who helped Tara feed Shaniqua off the Wedgewood china), Lisa Petty, Maxine Trowbridge from PinkMemo and an unexpected appearance from Pamela Martin Duarte of Big Rich Texas!

After a brief red carpet walk and a quick glass of champagne, everyone was gathered in the theater where episode one was shown live. There was lots of hooting and hollering when locals like Pamela Chao, Tori Gonzales and Gregg Asher came on-screen.  It's always fun to play "I Spy" and see who you can spot in the background. That's why it's so fun to have these shows filmed here!

Here's what Drew Ginsburg thinks about my blogging about him.  Just kidding! He loves me.

So, what you saw in episode one was a basic introduction to the cast and a hint of what you will see this season:
  • Glenn will be shirtless a lot
  • Lots of sexual tension between Matt and Courtney - will they or won't they hook up? We'll have to "watch what happens"
  • Tara will save lots of cute dogs
  • Drew will be battling Courtney for the funniest one-liners
  • Neill will be trying to find a balance between being a 23 year-old single Mom and a rock star wannabe

After the show, guests gathered next door at Tre Wilcox's (another Bravo star) Marquee Grill for cocktails and conversation.  Courtney and I had a great time scrolling through the Tweets that were pouring in. One hater said, "I just joined Twitter so I could say that @TheCourtneyKerr is a bitch!". Courtney tweeted back, "Awesome! Welcome to Twitter!"  By the end of the night, her twitter followers had more than doubled. Obviously, not everyone's a hater!

I finally got to meet the elusive Neill Skylar! If you want to see Neill perform with her band, Kitty LaLa, they will be at Boiler Room on August 26 and again on September 16. Check them out.  Matt and I had a great heart-to-heart about girls you date vs. girls you marry. I can see why the ladies love Matt.. he's a charmer! And I got to meet the woman (Kat Reilly) who knows all of Drew Ginsburg's secrets.  Kat was thiiiiiiiiiis close to joining the cast but decided against it, leaving the door open for Neill.  Sadly, the ripped Glenn Pakulak was in Napa attending training camp for the Oakland Raiders, for whom he is a punter. The ladies were mightily disappointed...

It was an amazing night! So amazing, that it took me all day yesterday to recover. Hence the delay in publishing this post. Yeah.  Tune in every Monday for Most Eligible Dallas on Bravo. It's gonna be a fun adventure!!

photo credit: Bruno (except for the 2 shots of Drew and I with my watermark on them)