Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nominations for Fresh Faces of Fashion 2012 are Underway

Yvonne Crum is the creator of the Fresh Faces of Fashion program.  She's a rock star on the Dallas social scene and whether you're 25 or 65, Yvonne is on everyone's speed dial for her enthusiasm, lively personality, generous spirit and huge heart. I love this event and the people behind it, so I asked Yvonne to explain what this was all about.

Yvonne says, "Many years ago, I lost a dear friend to suicide, and I was amazed me how much it affected me. I was asked by the Suicide and Crisis Center to help them raise funds for Survivors of Suicide and Teens Can Survive, two of their special programs, with which I was all too familiar.

I replied that I would love to, but that it might be difficult to blend the topic of suicide with a fundraiser. I asked that they let me pick the theme and suggested that it have something to do with fashion.

I went to Modern Luxury Dallas and presented my proposal to Terri Provencal (who was Publisher at the time), which was to have the readers of Modern Luxury Dallas select 12 young women that would help raise awareness of the Suicide and Crisis Center. We would feature them in the magazine, have a gala fashion show, a wonderful raffle and raise much needed funds.  

I stressed that we would never lose our message, "helping those in crisis, especially suicidal crisis, find hope for the future.” Terri took a chance on me and the idea, presented it to Stanley Korshak and Park Place Motorcars Dallas. The event was a success from the beginning and has grown every year."

I think it speaks volumes that all of the original sponsors are still with this event which is headed into its sixth year. And to date, the Fresh Faces of Fashion events have raised over a million dollars for the Suicide and Crisis Center, due in large part to the passion and dedication of Yvonne Crum (although she will argue loudly with me on that point).

Modern Luxury Dallas needs your help to select a group of style-setters for 2012 whose chic fashion sense is only matched by their dedication to the community.  Click here for an entry form. Entries must be received by November 30, 2011.