Monday, November 14, 2011

Texas Multi Mamas debuts December 27

Texas is smokin' hot right now in the reality TV world. We've seen shows about what's it's like to be single and looking for love in Big D with Most Eligible Dallas and the A List Dallas. We've seen what's it like to be a socialite at the Country Club in Big Rich Texas.  Now, it's time for Motherhood to get its turn in the spotlight. And these aren't just any Moms!

WE tv's new series Texas Multi Mamas is an energetic look inside the lives of a group of Texas women with big personalities, staunch opinions, and wild lives as they support each other in their moms of multiples group.

Although the show is called Texas Mutli Mamas, it should have been called Dallas Multi Mamas because all of the stars of this new show are from our own backyard! Tonia lives in Plano, Candace lives in Dallas, Suz lives in Ft. Worth, Teryn lives in McKinney, Casey lives in Murphy and Stephanie lived in Allen (when the show filmed - sounds like she has since moved).

One of my dearest friends has twins and my old boss from D Magazine has triplets - so I have heard many a story about the trials and tribulations of raising multiples. Of course, they also get twice (or thrice) the rewards for their hard work! This sounds like a fun, family show and I am looking forward to supporting my fellow Mamas!

Texas Multi Mamas will premiere on the WE tv network on December 27 at 7 PM.

Follow the show on Twitter at #TexasMM