Thursday, December 8, 2011

Big Rich Texas Gears Up for Season 2

Heidi, Connie, DiAynni, ??? and Melissa
Will Pam finally find out if Leslie has the millions she claims to have?  Will Kayln finally win a crown...and Leslie's love?  Are Connie's ex-husband and Leslie going to hook up?  Can Melissa become a success in the modeling world again? Will Pam and Bonnie ever kiss and make up or are they destined to be mortal enemies?

All of these cliff-hanging mysteries will be solved (or at least addressed) because the ladies of Big Rich Texas are coming back for another season!!!  Filming started several weeks ago on Season 2 of this "docu-drama" and the new episodes will air beginning mid-to-late February 2012 on the Style Network.

Word has it that a new cast member and her two daughters will be joining Pam, Connie, Bonnie, Leslie and Melissa.  Sure, throw a couple more cats in the fight!  I don't have all the details on the new additions to the cast, but here's what I do know:
  • The new Mother/Daughter trio is from Grapevine
  • Her name is DeAynni Hatley
  • One of the daughters is in college at TCU. Which means we probably won't see much of her.
  • They have "the most amazing home of anyone on the show" and producers are hoping to film there

The photos used in this post were taken at the recent FGI "Night of Stars" Gala. I was there, but didn't have an opportunity to go over and meet DeAnni.  She kind of looks like a grown up Snookie.  Don't you think? I mean look at that attitude?! Yeah!

Do you know more about our new cast member?! Leave a comment and fill me in! Or email me if you want to remain anonymous!

One thing is for certain. They are still filming at the Country Club as seen in this tweet from Kayln:

And in case you thought this season was going to be boring... it looks like day one of filming started out with a BANG! I would link this post, but Bonnie's already removed it (probably because the producers had a freak out). Thanks goodness for screen shots!  I wonder what Bonnie did to piss off Ignacio?  I can't wait to find out!

UPDATE (Dec. 8, 2 PM) Bonnie left a comment to say that she never removed the post and she provided me with a direct link. Click the image if you care to see the original post and subsequent comments.

I love these ladies... It's like a train wreck and you just can't look away!

Pam, LeeAnne and Heidi
I am super excited to announce that we have at least two "secondary" cast members joining the show this season. What does that mean, exactly? That they will make several appearances, but won't be listed as main cast members. I am guessing that if they add to the storyline and readers respond to them there's always the possibility that their roles could grow in Season 3... but let's not get ahead of ourselves. 

Making their introductions as Pam's new best friends, will be model/actress (and occasional Guest Contributor to this blog) LeeAnne Locken and Fashionistas founder and stylista extraordinaire, Heidi Dillon.

Both ladies are forces of nature with massive followings, so this is an incredibly smart move on the part of Pam and the show's Producers to bring these two ladies on board.  Bonnie better watch her p's and q's because Pam is not messing around. She's got some serious back up this season with these two by her side. Of course, Bon does have Whitney. And I'd put Whitney up against anyone in a girl fight.

I cannot wait to see what Season 2 has in store for us.  The countdown is on...

photos courtesy of QC Cong of XO Photography