Thursday, January 5, 2012

Holiday Wrap Up: Bon Blossman

The holidays have ended and New Year has arrived, so I asked some of Dallas' most famous faces to reflect back and tell me what they most enjoyed about this holiday season and if they have set a New Year's Resolution for themselves.

Bon Blossman

Star of Big Rich Texas

"This holiday season has been more than hectic since we are still filming every day for Season Two of Big Rich Texas.  We were given a break, thank God, and so we were able to at least enjoy some of our holiday traditions.

The Blossmans always dress in costume and bring tidings of joy and eggnog to our friends on an unannounced day in December.  This year, Whit was a snowgirl and I was Rudolph the Glitter Nosed Reindeer.  The rest of our group pretty much wore Christmas themed hats.  All I have is an end of the night picture where Rudolph needed to go to sleep in the stable (hahahahaha).

Jason, Zakkem and I traveled to Austin for Christmas to see my brother's family and spend time with my parents who traveled from Las Vegas.  My six year old niece and two twin 8 year old nieces are 100% adorable and if it weren't for them, I'd have been in Vegas at the craps tables instead of playing Santa on Christmas Eve.  Instead, I'll be there in 2 weeks - YO 11!!!  Whitney spent time with her father's side of the family and we all missed her dearly but there's always next year!

Whitney & Bon at the Season One Finale Party
New Years will be a bash at the Blossman Pub (it's what we refer to our home as because we have so many parties).  The usual suspects will be there and I'm sure one of my friends will show up in only his 'whitey tighteys' and I really hope he lets me post the pic on Facebook this year.  Next year, we vowed to make it the biggest New Year party ever so I'm going to start planning that tomorrow - stay tuned.

My New Year's resolution is to spend more quality time with family and friends, buckle down and finish all of my projects, get on the radio with a killer song, and find additional ways to help those in need and to promote equality for all people as that is what Whit and I hold dear to our hearts.

Happy Holidays to all!!!"

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