Monday, January 2, 2012

Will There be a Season Two for Bravo TV's Most Eligible Dallas?

Rumors have been swirling for weeks about Most Eligible Dallas. Is Bravo TV going to renew the show or aren't they? Will all of the original cast be coming back or will we see some new faces?

What I do know for sure, is that upon wrapping Dallas, the crew hit the road and is currently filming in New York City.  They are then scheduled to go to Chicago and are currently casting for West Palm's.  That leaves the question, IF they are coming back to Dallas, then WHEN? And if too much time passes, does MED Dallas lose whatever audience they had?  As Heidi Klum is fond of saying, "One day you are in... and the next day you are OUT."  If more than a year goes by in-between seasons, does the Dallas cast remain relevant to a national audience?

For the record, I didn't even bother to reach out to Bravo or Pink Sneakers Productions about the possibility of a second season, because they wouldn't tell me anyway. 

One of the rumors I am hearing (from multiple sources) is that they are only bringing back THREE of the original cast and that in a Season Two we will see some new faces. IF this turns out to be true, my best guess is that they will keep Matt and Courtney ("Le duh!" as Court would say) and Glenn and Neill will be out.

That leaves Drew and Tara, which presents quite the conundrum, because they are so different and each has their own audience. Drew is the token gay on the show (bringing in much needed diversity to this cast) but Tara is a hot blonde who saves cute puppies. Hmmm. This is a total toss up and could go either way.

Dallas Cast with Bravo TV's Andy Cohen
A source tells me that Pink Sneakers has been reaching out to new "Eligibles" about possibly joining an upcoming season.  Although one of the "Eligibles" I spoke to said, "I have been contacted by the production company, but they haven't confirmed that it's MED they are looking to cast. They are being vague about what show they are casting for, saying it could be MED or it could be a new show."

MED star, Matt Nordgren, tells me, "Honestly, we have heard nothing. They are going through a testing phase and will know more mid-Jan. Until then everything you hear is rumors and nothing more. The follow up with new people is part of the wrap up from a 1st season show. It doesn't have anything to do with season 2 just yet."  

Okay, that makes no sense to me. What do "new people" have to do with a "wrap up" from Season One?

More steamy hot tub action, please!

Courtney Kerr scoffed, "You're asking me about a rumor?! C'mon?!?! You know this city is full of those!  Obviously, this cast is very dear to me, and because we all went through season one together, if and when there is a season 2, I would like to share this experience with those close friends again. But if there are any casting changes, I am unaware of it. This gossip is D.O.A. to me until we sign a contract for another season."   

Right... you and Neill are such "dear" friends. I'm sure Court will be all broken up if Neill doesn't return.

Drew Ginsburg
I spoke to Drew Ginsburg by telephone and he is towing the party line with Matt and Courtney, saying he has not been engaged in any serious conversations about a Season Two but is hopeful that it happens.

I, for one, am keeping my fingers crossed for another season. Aren't you dying to know what happened with Matt & Courtney after that steamy hot tub make-out session! And did Tara find true love after dumping her two-timing boyfriend? And what about all of those cute puppies?!  And what happened with Drew and Cody!? Is Drew's heart broken for good?!

Even though I already know... America needs to know!!

I'll keep you posted on any new developments as they roll in... If you have scoop, leave a comment below or email me if you'd prefer to remain anonymous.