Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dallas Fashion Week Designer Profile: Nha Khanh

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is happening February 9-16 in New York City. Buyers, bloggers, stars and stylists from all over the world will be descending on the Big Apple this week to decide what we will be wearing this Fall.  I thought I would refocus your attention to the tremendous talent pool we Dallasites are lucky enough to have right in our own backyard!

Meet Nha Khanh

"Nha", in Vietnamese, is a feminine word implying 'light', whereas "Khanh" is a masculine word, meaning celebration. The fusion of the words creates a balance of unison between what is feminine and what is masculine.

The collection joins "lightness" and "softness" of silhouette and fabrication, with the celebration of construction and classic bodies. This is the fundamental philosophy and creative driving force behind the Nha Khanh Label.

Khanh Nguyen, the Creative Director and Designer of the Nha Khanh collection, has been surrounded by fashion and art throughout her life. Born to Vietnamese, artisan parents, and raised in Dallas, Texas, Khanh has always been exposed to what is beautiful and refined. At the age of five, she began to mimic what she saw around her by sketching and designing garments in her personal journal, and constructing dresses for her doll. Fashion always came easily to her, and has always been her passion.
Brooklyn Decker at Spike TV's Video Game Awards

Khanh's natural talent for Arts has shined throughout her scholastic years. She attended the University of North Texas and obtained a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts in Fashion Design. During her education, Khanh received many awards, but her most notable recognition was the "Top Achievement Award at the Dallas Career Day Design Competition", allowing her the opportunity to embark on an internship in Paris, France.

She was trained intensively with the world's leading fashion house and practiced the haute couture sewing techniques of Nina Ricci, draping methods of Madame Gres, millinery skills of Jean Paul Gaultier, and emulated the techniques of handbag and accessories design by Anne Valerie Hash. After being surrounded by many creative talents and learning through hands-on experiences, Khanh strives to push the envelope with her innovative and creative designs.

Ahna O'Reilly in a Nha Khanh backless gown at this year's SAG Awards

Upon her return to Dallas, Khanh immediately set her sights on making her childhood dream a reality– and started her own fashion firm, Nha Khanh. The company was officially established in January 2010. Design and production of the line are all based in Dallas, Texas, while the sales, marketing and public relations of the collection are based in New York City. The company takes pride in exceptionally well-made garments, which are manufactured exclusively in the United States.

Nha Khanh's designs focus on modern glamour, inspired by art, architecture and most importantly, nature. The designs are ethereal; meticulously constructed, and host an ease about them that allows for an effortless sensibility. The company offers seasonal "advanced contemporary" ready-to-wear; a custom Atelier collection, which hosts one of a kind and custom pieces, and a bridal line.

Currently, the Nha Khanh line is not in any stores. The ready-to-wear line will be in stores at the end of February locally at The Shak and Tooties. Stylistas can contact them directly for any purchase, especially custom/atelier orders.  Visit them online at http://nhakhanh.com/.  Follow Nha Khanh on Twitter and become a Fan on Facebook.

For more information please email us at info@nhakhanh.com