Monday, February 6, 2012

D'Andra Simmons Bridal Shower was Tres BLING! and C'est Magnifique

Remember in Junior High when the most popular girl in school had a big sleep-over and every girl in the school was on pins and needles to see if she was going to get an invitation? That's kind of what Saturday night's lingerie bridal shower was like for one of the biggest names on the Dallas social scene, skin care Queen D'Andra Simmons.

Dee and D'Andra Simmons (and yes, that's a cake!)

Hostess Kelly Stafford sent the lucky ladies their lottery tickets (invitations) via a custom box filled with red feathers. "Meet you in the Red Shoe Suite" it read.  It was referring to the Red Shoe suite at Hotel ZaZa, where everyone gathered to sip champagne around a custom cake built as an exact replica of D'Andra's stunning 10-carat oval Tanzanite engagement ring.  After several rounds of cocktails, the group made its way down to the main ballroom for a seated dinner (and more cocktails) then back up to the Suite for cake and the obligatory present opening.

The film "Moulin Rouge" was the inspiration this soiree.  Red corsets, black lace, sky-high heels, peek-a-boo masks and lots and lots of champagne were everywhere you turned, making for lots of great people watching and picture taking!  Stafford had designed a custom step and repeat just for the occasion and the photographer could barely control the crowd of women angling to get in front of his lens.

Kelly Stafford, D'Andra Simmons and Deb SoRelle

Good Morning Texas co-host Amy Vanderoff, Anna-Sophia Van Zweden, interior designer Shay Geyer, Big Rich Texas star Pamela Martin Duarte, Maggie Cooke Kipp, Jill-Beth Hayes, Nancy Gopez, Andrea Weber, Anne Stodghill, Ellen Winspear and Phyllis Comu were among the lucky madmoiselles in attendance.

Cynthia Smoot with D'Andra Simmons, Anna-Sophia Van Zweden with Shay Geyer
Pamela Martin Duarte, Teffy Jacobs with J. B. Hayes

You know what happens when you get a room full of women together. The gab gets going! So, what juicy tidbits got divulged? Well... while there were several fabulous tidbits I gleaned, they were all "off the record" - for now. One thing I can share with you is that Pamela Martin was excited to tell me that she and daughter Hannah, are developing a fragrance. According to Pam "no one from Dallas has ever launched a fragrance line" and she is very excited to be the first.  No word yet on the name or when it will be release, as it is early in the game.

Anna-Sophia Van Zweden told me that this was the first bridal shower she had ever been to and I just laughed and said, "Well honey, don't think they are all like this one!"  This party, was a one-of-a-kind experience.

photos courtesy of Danny Campbell.