Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dallas Reality TV Score Card. How We Doin'?

It's no secret that Dallas is a hot-bed for reality TV.  In the last 2 years we've been subject to Most Eligible Dallas, The A-List: Dallas, Texas Multi Mamas, Big Rich Texas, and Texas Women.  So, let's take a look at the scorecard to see how Dallas has fared:

Who wouldn't pay to look at THIS!?
Texas Multi Mamas was not the PR machine that the other two shows were, so, to me the big question marks are The A-List: Dallas and Most Eligible Dallas.  Here's what I know for sure:

Bravo asked 3 members of the original cast from MED to attend an Upfront in Chicago recently. Two of those members were then asked to attend the same event to be held in Dallas in April.

What's an upfront you ask? It's an event or soiree the network holds to wine and dine and schmooze potential advertisers for the upcoming season. They trot out their stars to razzle dazzle them so while they are drooling over say, Matt Nordgren, the Bravo rep can be picking their pockets clean. Oldest trick in the book..

The other thing I know for sure, is that Pink Sneakers Productions has interviewed every "eligible" person under the age of 40 (and a few that are over) to try and recast the show and make it more, um, let's say - dynamic. They were in town last week to film test pilots to show Bravo some new faces.  Doesn't mean Bravo's green-lighted anything, but it looks promising.

It's not looking so good for The A-List Dallas. I say this based on one lone bit of info. which I gleaned yesterday. Logo issued a press release touting new format changes to the channel saying,
"Logo is evolving its programming focus with new series and development deals that reflect gays and lesbians' increasing integration into mainstream culture today and their desire for shows that appeal to their multiple interests."
Eden Wood & Ashley Kelly
You can read the full press release here, but it's basically stating that gays are into more than just shows about gays. So Logo is expanding its programming to air more lifestyle shows and widen its reach.  They went on to release the names of some new shows they would be debuting - and mentioned some old ones. The A-List: Dallas (and New York) were not mentioned. Hmmm. This doesn't mean it's not coming back, but it means they aren't ready to say.

In a "isn't is a small world" moment, I couldn't help but notice that in Logo's press release they seem very excited about their new show featuring Eden Wood from Toddlers and Tiaras fame.  A-List starlet Ashley Kelly recently photographed Eden for a shoe campaign and that "fabulous New York City publicist" they refer to? That would be Andrew Sullivan who also represents Matt Nordgren and Courtney Kerr from MED.

Yep, it's a small, small world and it just gets smaller by the minute.  Do you have some insider knowledge to add to this dialog? Leave a comment on this post or shoot me an email (if you want to stay "off the record"). I'll keep you posted as news (or rumors) happens.